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Official 2016 DPT Tournament Rules

1.00 General Policy

1.01   Age Restrictions:  A player’s age on May 1 is his/her age for the entire year. (a) Players may compete a divisions at or below their age.

1.02   Exceptions to age limit rule, ex) American Legion teams, are subject to case-by-case examination and approval by tournament director.

      1.03    Aluminum Bat Restrictions:  (a) All aluminum bat events will be -3 drop BBCOR Certified bats.

      1.04    Players may only play for one (1) team during the event. (a) New Players may be added to the roster at any time as long as they have not been listed on a lineup card for another team during the event. (b) Participation in a game is not required to disqualify a player for participation, being listed on a team’s lineup card is sufficient to bar a player from participating for another team during the event.

      1.05    Player Identification: Each player on a team is required to wear a number unique to his/her team. (a) Players are NOT required to wear the same number throughout the tournament, but only one (1) player may wear a number in each game. (b) Exception: If a player does not have a number on the back of his jersey, he will be designated as number zero (0) on the lineup card. (c) Teams must report this to the umpires and other coach during the pregame meeting at homeplate.

      1.06    Teams may play start games with no fewer than eight (8) players. (a) A team may either choose to take an out or just skip the ninth spot in the batting lineup. (b) If a team chooses to skip the batting order without taking an out, the team may not insert a player in to the lineup during that game. (c) A team that has 7 or fewer available players to start the game shall lose via forfeit.

2.00 Tournament Format

      2.01    Games: Each team will be scheduled to play 4 Pool Play games that will begin no earlier than Friday at 8:15am EST unless otherwise noted on the DPT website.

      2.02    Each team should expect to play 2 games on Friday and 2 games on Saturday.

      2.03    DPT will make every effort to create a fair and balanced schedule that allows as many teams as possible to play on as many different collegiate fields as possible. (a) Priority in scheduling requests will be given to teams that are paid-in-full at an earlier date.

      2.04    Schedules will typically be posted no later than 10 days prior to the event

      2.05    Weather and other unforeseen circumstances may cause the schedule to be adjusted and/or pool play games to be adjusted.

      2.06    After all pool play games are complete teams will be seeded in to the Championship Bracket. (a) Typically, if a tournament has fewer than 10 teams, four (4) teams will advance to the Championship Bracket (b) Typically, if a tournament has fewer than 12, but no less than 10 teams, six (6) teams will advance to the Championship Bracket (c) Typically, if a tournament has more than 12 teams, eight (8) teams will advance to the Championship Bracket.

3.00 Pregame Rules

3.01    Teams must be prepared to start a game as much as 30 minutes prior to scheduled start time.

3.02    Teams must respect the facility rules. (a) no playing catch in front of the dugout on grass fields. (b) no taking pregame infield. (c) no seeds or gum at facilities with turf playing surfaces.

3.03    During pool play, Home and Visitor will be decided via coin flip. The coin flip should occur as soon as possible to allow the pitchers to properly get loose.

4.00 In-Game Rules

4.01    Courtesy Runner:  (a) Must be used for catcher/pitcher with 2 outs.  (b) Optional for catcher/pitcher with less than 2 outs.  (c) Must be a player not currently in the game (d) or the last batted out should a team not have a player on the bench. (e) A team may not use a player not currently in the lineup a twice as a pinch runner. (f) If it is deemed that a team uses a courtesy runner in bad faith, the base runner will be ruled out and the head coach will be ejected from the game.

      4.02    Intentional Walks:  (a) Automatic intentional walk rule may be used during pool play. (b) Intentional walk pitches must be thrown during Championship Bracket play.


      4.03    Slide Rules:  Players are not required to avoid contact, but under no circumstance to seek to contact or collide with opposing players during the game.  (a) Excessive contact is grounds for ejection. (b) Ejection due to excessive contact is at complete and total discretion of the umpire and may not be argued.


      4.04    Teams may use one (1) Designated Hitter (DH). (a) High School DH rules apply, DH may hit for any player in the field. (b) The Pitcher may be designated as a Pitcher/DH on the lineup card and stay in the game a strictly a DH when he is removed from the mound. (c) His “position” in the field must be replaced by a player not currently in the game, and that player may not hit.


      4.05    Teams may use an unlimited number of Extra Hitters (EH). (a) Extra Hitters are considered in the game and may be substituted freely. (b) An Extra Hitter does not constitute a bench player for purposes of courtesy runners.


      4.07    Appeal: Teams must file an appeal immediately after play in question. (a) An appeal may not be filed after the next pitch is thrown. (b) Judgment calls may not be appealed (c) The coach should immediately inform the umpire and the site director of the decision to appeal. (d) The site director will contact the tournament director and discuss the situation. (e) The tournament director’s decision is final and binding. (f) The coach of the appealing team personally agrees to pay a $50 fee if the appeal is lost.


      4.08    Mound visits: In-state visitation rules will apply. (a) Coaches are required to jog out to the mound. (b) Mound visits will be limited to 30 seconds in length. (c) If an umpire deems a visit to be for stalling purposes, he may request that the coach leave the field immediately.


      4.09    Run Rule: 10 runs after 5 (a) The Maximum run differential calculated in to a team’s final run differential for seeding purposes is 10.



5.00  Time Limit

5.01    Pool Play: No new inning may not start after 2 hours. (a) Time Limit may be altered by the tournament director due to circumstances such as rain or unexpected situations.

5.02    Championship Bracket Play: No Drop-Dead time limit will be enforced. (a) Each full inning starting after 2 hours and 30 minutes will be subject to a modified California rule. (b) Each team will start with the last batted out on 2nd base, no outs and a 0-0 count on the hitter. (c) The game will proceed under these rules until a winner is determined. (d) Time Limit may be altered by the tournament director due to circumstances such as rain or unexpected situations.

5.03    Championship Game: No time limit will be enforced.


6.00 Seeding

6.01    Teams will be seeded in their pool first by: (a) record, (b) then Run Differential, (c) and finally by Runs Allowed. (e) If the tie cannot be broke, a coin flip will break the tie.

6.02    The maximum run differential for a single game is ten (10). (a) Forfeits will be recorded as 10-0.

6.03    Pool winners are guaranteed a spot in the championship bracket. (a) If the number of spots available in the championship fits with the number of pools (ex) eight (8) teams advancing with four 4 pools), Then the top (X) number of teams in each pool advance. (b) If the number of spots available in the championship bracket does not evenly fit the number of team’s advancing to the Championship Bracket, the most number of teams from each pool will evenly be distributed and the remaining spots will be “Wild Cards”, and will be determined the same as pool seeding.

6.04    In the event of rain, DPT will make every effort and decision in good faith with tournament integrity and fairness in mind (a) If rain causes pool play to be shortened, teams will be seeded based on the fewest number of games played in the pool (or by teams vying for Wild Card Positions). (b) In situations where a team has completed more pool play games before situations that cause another team to complete their full slate of games, all games finished before the delay will count (c) Explanation- Teams that finish games believing all will count will use pitching with intention of those games counting. (d) Example- “Team A” plays pool play games 3 and 4 early in the day on Saturday. “Team B” Plays their 3rd game, but later in the day, their 4th pool play game is canceled in the final game slot of Saturday. All of “Team A’s” games will count toward seeding and win percentage will be used as first differentiator, with average run differential and average runs allowed being used as tie breakers.

7.00 Tie Breakers Explained 


7.01    3+ Way Tie

(a) Head to head is the first tie-breaker, if 1 team has defeated all other teams in the tie-breaker, they will be first to advance.

(b) If a team has been defeated by ALL other teams involved in the tie-breaker, they will be the first team eliminated.

(c) If all three teams are 1-1 against each other. The highest Run differential will advance.

(d) If all teams have not played each other and no one has defeated or been defeated by ALL teams involved in the tie, head-to-head will not be used

(e) Once the head-to-head tie-breaker has been eliminated, ties will be broken by run differential and then runs allowed.

(f) If all tie-breakers listed above have failed, a coin flip will determine who advances.

(g) In 3-way ties going to coin flip, “Friday Night Lights” flip.

(h) Each time a team is removed from the tie, the process restarts.


8.00 Coach and Player conduct

8.01    All coaches, players and fans are expected to show good sportsmanship and act in good faith while on-site at a DPT event

8.02      DPT has a ZERO TOLERENCE POLICY towards Coaches and Parents engaging or mocking players on the opposing team. Any fans engaged in such activity will be removed from the facility and barred from being present at games for the remainder of the tournament.


8.03      If a player is ejected from a game, that player is suspended for the next game


8.04      If the head coach is ejected from a game, he will be suspended for the next game.


8.05      If an assistant coach or parent is ejected, he/she will be suspended for the remainder of the tournament


8.06      The head coach (or manager) is responsible for fan conduct and may be ejected for fan conduct.


8.07      Every ejection will be reviewed by DPT and penalties may be adjusted (example: a punch may lead to an suspension for the remainder of the event)


9.00 Weather Delays

9.01    Games will be considered complete after 4 innings of innings of play during a scheduled 7-inning game (a) Any weather related delay that delays a game past the scheduled start time of the following game will be suspended. (b) If time and logistics permit, that game may be resumed at a later time.


9.02    Should the first game of the day be under a weather delay/cancellation, that game will take place at a later time during the tournament as we will try to keep all other games on their previously scheduled times. 


10.00         Rainout Policy, Refund Procedures, and General Policies

10.01  Should an event be canceled by Diamond Play Tournaments for any reason other than weather, prior to the start of the tournament, teams will receive a refund of 100% of their total tournament entrance fees

10.02   Should just one game be played before an event is canceled, due to weather, a 1/2 credit will be issued to all paid teams. (a) Team shall recieve a 75% refund if they play no games due to weather.

10.03   There will be no refunds or credits after the start of each teams’ 2nd game   

10.04   The deposit ($200) associated with tournament entry are non-refundable and non-transferable unless an event is canceled because of non-weather related issues prior to the start of the tournament by Diamond Play Tournaments.

10.05   Once registered, a team is expected to play.

10.06   Teams withdrawing within 2 months of the tournament will forfeit all registration fees. (a) Credit for future event can be issued if (1) replacement team is found by DPT and the tournament is full, or (2) the team withdrawing provides a replacement team.  

10.07   Teams that wish to pay within 21 days of the start of the event must pay via PayPal, with a Money Order, or Cashiers Check. NO Payment will be accepted onsite.

10.08   Teams are not allowed to play until payment is made.